PlayStation Exclusivities

One of the most successful aspects of PS strategy are exclusivities. By establishing partnerships with multiple game studios, the PlayStation network have put their hands on many exclusive games and made only available on their console. You can perceive this strategy as being a little bit aggressive, because it pushes the player to buy the console in order to enjoy a specific game.

However, there is no option available, if you really want a game that is only in PS or another console, you have to purchase to console first. This strategy expanded the number of players that possess the PlayStation console to expand the customer base. Of course, this comes at a price negotiated between the game publisher and the console.

Many games that may come to your mind are now automatically associated with a specific console. Which means, that if you want to have access to every game that you want, you will have to acquire all the major consoles. This may seem harsh, but unfortunately, that is how the gaming industry is now functioning.

Get exclusive games via PSN

Once you have purchased the console, it doesn’t mean that you’ll get the game for free, you still have to pay for. Many people tend to misunderstand the notion of exclusivity and think that the fact of buying will unlock all the game associated with it. But no, you still have to purchase the game through PlayStation Network. An online platform that regroups many features that were before available in special stores and market places.

The conception of this platform came during the accelerated digitalization era, where big companies moved from physical stores to virtual ones. That is perfectly understandable, as it decreases costs significantly, increases tractability and come up with a more complete offer. In the past, if you may have been looking for a specific game, you would have to go through multiple stores in order to get it, as they do not have everything in stock. With the complete offer of PSN, it is now possible to get any game online through the digital store by downloading it to your machine.

The system’s functioning is simple, you have to top up your virtual balance also called virtual wallet. The process is digital and automatic, once you complete the transaction; the funds are automatically added to your account. You have use them to unlock features like PS Plus or purchase games within few minutes.